Ascension community impact – we provide a healthcare safety net, particularly for those who are poor and uninsured.

Community Impact

We provide a healthcare safety net for millions of people who might otherwise go without healthcare – particularly those who are poor and uninsured.
Community Impact
Clinician interacting with young boy in wheelchair

Committed to providing access to healthcare for those in need, and partnering to improve the health of individuals and communities

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Healthy Communities
Children smiling and running together in a sunny field

Identifying and addressing community needs where we serve

Your Move Chess Program
Your Move Chess Program Photo

Providing hope to students through after-school chess clubs

Medical Mission at Home
Ascension Medical Mission volunteer talking to patient at clinic

Providing community based delivery of health, social and support services for low-income and underinsured populations

Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Stewardship Photo

Our commitment to responsible use and protection of the natural environment

Perspectives Section Photo

Advocating for policies that advance compassionate, personalized care to all and impact our ability to deliver on our mission

340B Drug Pricing Program

Enhancing healthcare services for those most in need