Ascension is driven by compassion and a dedication to provide person-centered care for all – especially those most in need. We fulfill our promise to those we serve by delivering Healthcare That Works, Healthcare That Is Safe and Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind, for Life.

Healthcare That Works
Healthcare works best when we create consistent, exceptional experiences for all the people we serve, and those who serve with us. That’s why we focus on fostering safe, efficient, evidence-based care, enable efficient processes, and provide emotional and spiritual support.

Healthcare That Is Safe
Ascension’s pursuit of unprecedented improvements in healthcare quality result from our passionate commitment to Healthcare That Is Safe.  We know we can eliminate all preventable injuries and deaths by spreading evidence-based healthcare practices around the world. We reinforce our commitment by:

  • Delivering holistic care, meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of everyone we serve.  
  • Becoming a High Reliability Organization with processes, behaviors and teams in place to prevent errors and improve patient and associate experience.
  • Establishing interdisciplinary teams of senior executive leaders, managers, frontline caregivers, and quality/risk and IT professionals to meet ever-changing healthcare needs.

Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind
Our legacy of serving people leads our advocacy and support of programs and policies that expand healthcare access and coverage. How will we create 100 percent access and 100 percent coverage to healthcare in the communities we serve? By continuing to encourage and implement community-based care models to serve our nation’s most vulnerable – all while improving the health of individuals in those communities.