Douglas Thompson, President of Agilify, a provider of business process automation solutions.

Douglas Thompson has been named President of Agilify, a provider of business process automation solutions and services. Doug is a seasoned technology and services executive who has successfully scaled a number of technology and services companies from inception to market dominance. Agilify is a new business within the Solutions division of Ascension.

Agilify, with deep automation expertise from applying new automation technologies at Ascension over the past six years, brings real-world practitioner experience to the market in the full gamut of business-process, robotic-process and software-process automation consulting, advisory, training and technology selection.

“Meeting the challenges of scaling the business in this explosive intelligent automation services market brought the question of ‘who can lead Agilify through this next wave of rapid growth?',” said Lee Coulter, Chief Executive of Ascension’s shared services subsidiary. “Doug has a proven record of growing companies through this scaling phase in emerging markets. With Doug's leadership, we are ensuring Agilify is positioned for success.”

Ascension’s shared services organization began automating processes soon after its launch in 2011 to scale operations. It has turned a 10 percent year-over-year cost reduction for more than five years, automation playing a key role in that performance. With long-term sustained success, Agilify began to take shape. Today, Ascension’s shared services subsidiary is Agilify’s largest customer.

“I am excited to continue to be a part of the rapidly growing market in intelligent process automation [IPA] as part of the Agilify family,” Doug said. “Our focus remains consistent and clear. We strive to be the leader in helping organizations unleash human potential by implementing and mastering intelligent process automation. Our practical experience in implementing robotic process automation [RPA] is unmatched, and we enjoy leveraging this experience to help our clients achieve unapparelled productivity gains through the technology, process and practice tools of IPA and RPA.”

Doug, whose career began in sales and marketing leadership during eight years at Xerox, has specialized in scaling numerous technology services companies. Over the past 20 years he has been President, COO, CEO, board member and/or board chair of four separate technology/service companies. Most recently he served as Chief Executive Officer of MedData, a revenue cycle management provider.