Ascension St. Vincent, one of Indiana’s largest health systems, and one of the nation’s largest independent neurosurgery practices have announced plans to expand their longstanding relationship by increasing access to care and growing their neurosurgical capabilities for adult and pediatric patients in Central Indiana.

Ascension St. Vincent and Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) to offer services at Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. In addition, Ascension St. Vincent and Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine will jointly develop a dedicated neurosurgical center of excellence for advanced surgeries.

The new agreement will allow Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine to continue to provide individualized care for patients across the state, while building upon Ascension St. Vincent’s longstanding reputation as a trusted healthcare provider, integrated system, and physician-friendly organization committed to patient-centered care.

“By investing the necessary resources to enhance our partnership with a nationally recognized neurosurgery leader like Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, we believe we can provide our adult and pediatric patients with the best possible care for neurological disorders – right here in Indiana,” said Jonathan Nalli, Senior Vice President, Ascension, and Ministry Market Executive, Ascension Indiana. “This partnership is an innovative example of how health systems and independent practices can successfully join forces to improve care for patients.”

“We’re excited to grow our relationship with [Ascension] St. Vincent through this expanded partnership and look forward to working together to deliver high-quality, innovative care to the community,” said Dr. Jean-Pierre Mobasser, President of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine. “We appreciate that [Ascension] St. Vincent has been a model hospital partner that continues to value our unique contributions.”

Physician-owned Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine (formerly Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group) has been the sole provider of neurosurgical services on the Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis campus.