AvaSure has named Ascension one of the winners of this year’s AvaPrize, an award that honors individuals and organizations that have advanced patient and staff safety, eased the working lives of nurses, and achieved new efficiencies in care delivery. This is the fourth consecutive year the company — which produces the TeleSitter product that powers Ascension’s e-Sitter solution — has recognized organizations for their role in making continuous video monitoring a standard of care in bedside safety.

Ascension was honored for having the most complete e-sitting program, after successfully adding more than 450 cameras at more than 50 hospitals. Within the organization, telesitting is currently used to monitor patients who are a fall risk or to address patients when they have issues with their medical equipment.

“Every time we engage with a patient using e-Sitter, it means a nurse didn’t have to and could instead spend that time attending to other patients who needed more hands-on care,” said Mike Minks, Vice President, Ascension Connect. “And our use of e-Sitter has driven down falls per day by 1.5% at the facilities where it is in place.”