Brothers Clayton and Daniel Kaiser made a pact when they were growing up in Middle Tennessee that they would someday be doctors at the same place.

Now they are two of the newest members of Ascension Saint Thomas Heart, part of Ascension Tennessee.

When Clayton Kaiser, MD, a cardiovascular surgeon, joined Ascension Saint Thomas recently, he urged his brother to leave his practice in California and join him at Ascension.

“It’s been a lot of fun. There have been times we’ve been able to do cases together, working on the same patient,” Clayton told WSMV.

“The first week I’m here we had a case together,” Daniel said. “We scrubbed in the same time. And actually, I had one of the scrub techs take a picture. And I sent it to my family, a little family text. And we sent it out. And later that day, I’m just kind of driving. I’m like … how cool is that.”

Daniel and Clayton’s father is also a doctor, and their mother is a nurse.

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