Brenna Powell, Chief Strategy Officer, Ascension  Alabama, is included in a list of 2019 “Women Who Shape the State” list by

“Strong, diverse, and determined are just a few of the words that embody this year’s Women Who Shape the State honorees,” the publication says. “Through their leadership, these CEOs, philanthropists, doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and dreamers are breaking the Southern belle stereotype that has stigmatized Alabama’s women for far too long. They’re not afraid to raise their voice for what they believe in—and their words are creating ripples that, without a doubt, are ushering in a new wave of social impact.”

In her 18-year tenure, Powell has grown with Ascension from an entry-level associate to Chief Strategy Officer. She says finding balance is the most powerful attribute to her success.

“As I’ve grown as a person and as I’ve grown in this job, I’ve learned that when you can make a difference in someone’s life, your work becomes a whole lot more than a job,” she told “I’ve seen [Ascension Alabama] grow and develop over the years, and in the process, I’ve been afforded some great opportunities.”