Nick Ragone serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Ascension

In a new article for Health Progress, Nick Ragone, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, puts the Ascension journey to a unified brand in the context of the continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus.

“In 2015, Ascension undertook a journey to remind ourselves and our communities that through our unified ministry, Jesus ‘is alive in our midst in a new way,’” he writes. “... Our communities need to know what drives our commitment to quality care. They must see that the ministry of healing is different than the business of healthcare.”

Nick notes that as a ministry of the Catholic Church, Ascension took great care as it began its brand journey. “The goal was always to magnify our Mission and the healing taking place in our sites of care while finding ways to better serve together,” he says.

In the article, Nick explains the collaborative process that actually began with the founding of Ascension in 1999 and that continues to affirm the fundamental values of each of Ascension’s historic sponsors.

“As we add the Ascension name to care sites across the country, it is important for us to emphasize the sacred significance of our name and logo that our historic sponsors chose 20 years ago at the founding of Ascension,” he writes. “The Daughters and Sisters chose the name ‘Ascension’ because it is the moment in Scripture when Jesus, before ascending to heaven, entrusted his ministry to his followers, sending them forth to be vessels of transformation.”

Ascension’s ongoing rebranding of its 2,600 sites of care in 20 states reminds associates, caregivers and communities “that He ‘is alive in our midst in a new way,’ and that we continue to fulfill the courageous legacy of our founding Sisters, Daughters and Brothers,” Nick says.

Click here for the article at Health Progress, a publication of the Catholic Health Association.