WXYZ Detroit TV news story about mother's passion to keep police officers healthy.

When a Detroit police officer died from a heart attack last year at age 33, his mother wanted to help other officers and first responders avoid the same fate.

She worked with Ascension Providence and donors to take the hospital’s mobile health units to all 11 Detroit police precincts. Police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians are receiving free screenings for heart disease, and women are getting free mammogram screenings.

“Stress sometimes can be good, but stress also can lead to poor dietary habits, smoking and lack of exercise,” Shukri David, MD, Chief of Cardiology, Ascension Providence, told WXYZ. “These screenings can be an early detection, and that’s what we do, preemptively screen all our officers.”

Ascension Providence plans to expand the free screenings to other precincts outside of Detroit as a way to say “thank you” to first responders.

Watch the video from local affiliate WXYZ Detroit.