Nick Ragone

Since Ascension rolled out online patient scheduling across the System, with 2,500 providers and 1,000 locations, we have achieved 100,000 more visits scheduled online.

“Consumers expect an online experience when making healthcare choices that is easy and intuitive, the same as they have with other purchasing decisions,” Nick Ragone, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, told Healthcare IT News. “Click-to-schedule is just one part of an integrated online approach that Ascension is striving to create for a seamless end-to-end consumer experience for all those we serve.”

That represents a 779% increase in primary care online visits scheduled and a 72.5% increase in urgent care online visits scheduled.

“For emergency care, we even have online check-in so patients can let us know when they are on their way to the ER,” Nick said. “We are seeing record numbers of appointments scheduled online. However, the functionality of click-to-schedule is simply a technology capability for Ascension – the value proposition is the satisfaction of ease of scheduling for the patient, access to same-day appointments, and the ability to self-navigate care options.”

“We are driven by consumer experience and consumer choice,” he said. “Technology enables that but it’s really about ensuring ease of access to care, availability of appointments and a scheduling experience that lifts the burden of navigation, the convenience of knowing you can talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere, around the clock.”

Online self-scheduling contributed to primary care growth in May that matched Ascension’s record performance in January. Now, Ascension Online Care complements the online scheduling options with 24/7 access to online care appointments.

“Consumers are making choices about healthcare providers based on brand, access and convenience – rather than other more traditional differentiators for healthcare delivery,” Nick said. “That’s why Ascension promises compassionate, personalized care that starts with listening to understand.”

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