Recently, Dell Children’s Medical Center, part of Ascension Texas, was visited by some very super guests. But for one patient, his favorite superhero, the Hulk, was missing.

The Hulk is Kai’s favorite superhero and he’ll let anyone and everyone know it. So when the Flash came by to talk to him, he was not impressed. He showed the Flash his Hulk action figure, telling him the Hulk is the best.

Kai did have a great time meeting all the other superheroes but was really hoping to meet the Hulk. When Kai’s nursing team found out the Hulk wouldn’t be at superhero day, they decided to do something about it.

After all the other superheroes had gone, the Hulk showed up to surprise Kai. David Kugman,RN, of Kai’s nursing team had gone out and rented a Hulk costume, making the boy’s superhero day extra special.