Eduardo Conrado, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Innovations Officer Ascension, recently published an article in Becker’s Hospital Review on the benefits of applying design principles to rethink healthcare and better meet evolving consumer and community demands.

Design thinking disciplines use the tools and techniques of design to understand the needs and aspirations of people and then quickly and iteratively develop solutions to best address those needs, he says.

“Ascension is working to build up an interdisciplinary, human-centered design team within the organization and bring design thinking methodology to our work creating digital-enabled healthcare services — a transformative project for Ascension and the healthcare industry,” Eduardo says.

He makes the distinction between interaction design – which focuses on great digital interactions – and experience design, which transcends a physical object “to create a compelling, immersive experience.” He also explains business design, “which applies the techniques of design to the exploration of new potential business models.”

“Design thinking is built through these generalizable approaches, and others, that can be used to understand what is valuable to the healthcare populations across the nation and efficiently create solutions that best deliver on that value,” Eduardo says.

Click here for his column at Becker’s Hospital Review.