Imagine being a new nurse, on a new unit, having recently gone through the nurse residency program when you get a call: Your mother is ill, and although you just launched a new career in Tennessee, you feel compelled to be closer to home in Michigan. That was the situation that Nancy Kerastas found herself in a few months ago.

“I assumed I would have to leave Ascension,” Nancy said. “But, thankfully, I had a conversation with Rebecca Bilbrey, who was involved with my onboarding, and she was instrumental in helping me find a new position at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield Campus. She reached out to her counterpart in Michigan, and we explored avenues for transfer.”

Rebecca was able to connect Nancy to Erica Terry, Nursing Career Coach for Ascension Michigan. They explored several job opportunities in the Ascension Michigan market by phone. Finding an opening at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield Campus on 6 East, an acute adaptability step-down unit, Nancy applied using the internal career website. Soon after, a recruiter contacted Nancy for a pre-interview. She got the job, and has been caring and serving in Michigan ever since.

“I’m so grateful to the career coaches who helped me through the process,” Nancy said. “I was lucky there was a transfer program in place and I knew who to turn to for help.”

“My advice is to always be looking to move internally,” Rebecca said. “Moving internally does not mean that you are unhappy with your current position. It means that you are ready to grow. At Ascension, we want to create an environment in which our nurses and associates thrive. Be transparent about your desires by discussing them with your peers and leaders. Your HR Talent Advisor or Nursing Career Coach is available to guide you to your next steps.”

Nancy’s mom is currently doing well.

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Photo: Rebecca Bilbrey, MSN, RN, one of Ascension’s Nursing Career Coaches.