As a result of several environmental efforts, St. Vincent Indianapolis recently was recognized with an Environmental Excellence Award from Practice Greenhealth.

The Greenhealth Partner for Change Award recognizes healthcare facilities that have implemented a significant number of environmental programs and continuously improved and expanded these programs on the path to sustainability.

Beth Melchi, Vice President of Operations, St. Vincent Indianapolis, led an effort to switch cafeteria silverware from disposable/Styrofoam to durable plates, glasses and silverware as part of the cafeteria renovation project.

“This initiative was so important to us, and it took the combined knowhow of so many people and departments all working together toward a common goal,” Beth said. “Now we can serve our clinicians, associates, patients and visitors and know we are helping sustain our environment at the same time.”

The ministry engages staff and clinicians in sustainability work through quarterly Green Team meetings. Associates took part in Feast of St. Francis activities that included a “Go Green” idea table set up during lunchtime; a community recycling day in Hamilton County and the City of Carmel; prayer cards distributed at Safety Huddles; and much more.

For Earth Day, St. Vincent Indianapolis worked with Crooked Creek Community Development Corporation to plant 100 trees on Michigan Road in Indianapolis.

St. Vincent Indianapolis adopted several environmental stewardship goals for FY19:

  • Increase the visibility of the hospital’s “Green Team” through work with community outreach partnerships.
  • Decrease its municipal solid waste stream by 5 percent.
  • Increase pulse oximeter medical device collections by 15 percent over the previous year. This is a shared goal across Ascension.

The Medxcel Environmental Stewardship Program is a collaboration between Medxcel, The Resource Group, Environmental Services, Environment of Care committees and Green Teams at each hospital, focused on a single FY19 goal to increase medical device reprocessing of pulse oximeters by 15 percent over FY18 collections. Single-use medical device reprocessing provides opportunities to minimize waste in landfills. Reprocessing saves financial resources that can be redirected toward patient care, helping to further the Mission to sustain and improve the health of individuals and communities.

“The highlights of this award are many and speak to our collective commitment to the environment, to St. Vincent Indianapolis, and to those we serve,” said Rick Ball, Safety Officer III, St. Vincent Indianapolis, Medxcel. “Together we were able to convert our main parking lot lights to LED lighting, reach our pulse oximeter collection goal, improve our recycling efforts and collaborate with community partners.”

Click here to learn more about Ascension’s Environmental Stewardship program.


Photo: From left, Brett Green, PE, Manager, Remote Operations, Medxcel Energy, and Lois Sechrist, Ascension Environmental Stewardship Manager, Medxcel.