In light of the financial challenges related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ascension will not be receiving applications and awarding the Ascension Partnership in Ministry Awards in FY21.

Our Partnership in Ministry Award program recognizes social, educational, parish and healthcare ministries that collaborate in delivering projects or services that benefit others and align with our Mission. Grants are awarded for two years, up to $50,000 per year. A limited number of international grants up to $10,000 are also available. 

Selection Criteria

The Ascension Partnership in Ministry Award committee evaluates grant applicants based on the respective program or service meeting the following criteria: 

  • Reflects Ascension’s Mission, Vision and Values 
    • Advances health within the local community
    • Serves the unserved/underserved – those most in need
    • Promotes social justice 
  • Promotes integration and networking among ministries
    • Fosters collaboration and demonstrates networking among ministries 
  • Advances a care or service, or offers a new one
    • Promotes education and prevention
    • Supports a holistic model of care meeting the needs of the body, mind and spirit 
  • Uses resources responsibly
    • Promotes good stewardship of resources and is cost-effective
    • Delivers expected outcomes
    • Demonstrates potential for sustainability
    • When possible, includes partnerships within the broader community to meet the intended health need 

Eligibility and Rules

  • Only Health Ministries or service organizations formally associated* with the following Systems are eligible:
    • Daughters of Charity
    • Congregation of St. Joseph
    • Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletAlexian BrothersSisters of the Sorrowful Mother
  • Only applications fully addressing the criteria noted above will be considered.
  • Grant funding can be used for established programs and services or new ones. It cannot be used to subsidize already-funded salaries and/or operating expenses.      
  • Major grant recipients are not eligible to reapply within four years of receiving their grant. 

*A member of one of these groups is employed or directly responsible for the organization or nominated program.