Spiritual care is fundamental to our identity and a tangible expression of our Mission and Values. It is also an essential part of providing holistic care that treats the whole person: body, mind and spirit. We deliver spiritual services across the continuum of care by: 

  • Attending to the spirit through compassionate relationships and empathetic, effective communication     
  • Encouraging shared decisions about care among patients, providers and care teams 
  • Delivering safe, reliable, evidence-based care consistent with patient preferences 

How We Deliver Spiritual Care 

Our associates, volunteers, vital Spiritual Care Departments and Chaplains all tend to spiritual needs at Ascension in various ways: 

  • Chaplains are specially trained members of Ascension healthcare teams who help patients and their loved ones at our ministries cope with a range of health situations 
  • Spiritual Care Departments support and counsel associates in delivering spiritual care 
  • Associates and volunteers provide spiritual care as needed during their daily interactions