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Ascension Holdings includes a portfolio of companies that provide innovative services and solutions to healthcare companies in the United States and internationally.

What we do

Ascension Holdings manages a portfolio of companies that provide solutions to Ascension Health Ministries and other health systems in the United States and internationally:

  • Medxcel Facilities Management 
    • Medxcel Facilities Management offers a centralized support structure and creates standardization resulting in cost-containment and efficiencies to improve the overall quality of occupied facilities
      • Facilities Maintenance and Services
      • Project Management and Construction
      • Emergency Management and Life Safety
  • Ascension Holdings International
    • Ascension Holdings International drives the development and execution of the International commercial strategy for Ascension; and the delivery of products, services and solutions to the international market
  • The Resource Group
    • The Resource Group is a business transformation services organization that provides User-Directed Strategic Sourcing™, Operations and Logistics, and Change Management solutions to healthcare providers
    • Operates a group purchasing organization (GPO) which benefits members by leveraging a portfolio of contracts to increase efficiency, decrease waste and reduce costs for participants and suppliers

Ascension Holdings also includes the Innovations Accelerator Team which nurtures innovative solutions such as Virtual Care; and strategic relationships that have the potential to accelerate achievement of Ascension’s Strategic Direction: improved health outcomes, enhanced patient experience and enhanced provider experience at a lower overall cost of care.

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Medxcel Facilities Management

The Resource Group

John Doyle
John D. Doyle
Executive Vice President, Ascension; President and Chief Executive Officer, Ascension Holdings and Ascension Holdings International

John D. Doyle is responsible for incubation of innovative services, solutions and relationships with potential to accelerate achievement of Ascension’s Strategic Direction and provide alternative revenue from non-traditional sources domestically and internationally.