Professional Liability Insurance Program

For Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers Affiliated With an Ascension Ministry

Patient safety, alignment of physicians and hospitals, financial stability, and physician peace of mind make Certitude the first choice for professional liability insurance for healthcare providers affiliated with an Ascension Ministry. 

An Exclusive Option

Ascension’s goal is to bring affiliated physicians and care providers a program with enhanced benefits and high standards for integrity, management excellence, and stability. Certitude is that program.

Certitude provides physicians unique access to top-tier medical professional liability coverage at surprisingly reasonable rates . . . while providing a unified defense approach that helps ensure physicians, their affiliated Ascension hospital, and their insurer are on the same team.


For more program information, contact:

C. Travis Watts
Senior Director, Certitude

Program Structure

Patient safety is the Certitude program’s hallmark, supporting the practice of good medicine with improved risk management service and claims defense. Certitude provides an approach unlike any other. With coverage underwritten by ProAssurance Group companies, physicians get a carrier that is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best, has been selected as a Ward’s 50® top insurance company since 2007, and is one of our nation’s largest medical professional liability carriers—in operation since 1975. ProAssurance has full-service offices throughout the U.S. and is committed to the concept of Treated Fairly® with every physician encounter.

Policy provisions include:

  • Claims defense that begins with a unified approach. Before Certitude, interests of providers and hospitals often collided. Certitude’s unified approach is both intelligent and fair, as the physician’s voice is heard throughout the claims defense process.
  • Reduced uncertainty with Certitude’s CyberAssurance endorsement. Increased reliance on technology and electronic data leaves a physician vulnerable to data breaches and hacking. Certitude’s policy endorsement helps begin to address this emerging area of risk.
  • Coverage for certain peer review services and death, disability, and retirement coverage according to policy conditions. The Certitude program’s professional liability policy offers convenient, interest-free payment options to assist physician practice cash flow. Additional policy enhancements may be available in certain states.

By affiliating with an Ascension Ministry, physicians have selected the best for their patients. Shouldn’t their medical professional liability protection be the best, too?


Eligibility and Underwriting

Physicians and care providers who are affiliated with an Ascension Ministry are eligible to participate in this program, subject to underwriting criteria. Participants agree to participate in periodic risk management reviews and satisfy program underwriting criteria. ProAssurance underwrites individual policies based on set variables (physician rating classifications, rating territory, limits, etc.) modified to reflect physicians’ claim history and participation in risk management initiatives.


ProAssurance provides day-to-day claims management. Recognized as a leader in physician claims defense and service around the country, ProAssurance has the numbers to prove it. The Certitude program has a dedicated claims and underwriting committee (CUC) of physicians to review claims and underwriting issues. The ProAssurance claims service philosophy emphasizes physician contact and involvement. When appropriate, a unified defense approach may be used.


As a physician affiliated with an Ascension health ministry, you may have access to Certitude—an exclusive medical professional liability insurance program by Ascension.

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