We Are Ascension

Coming Together in Michigan to Give Healthcare a Better Name

Compassionate. Personalized. Here for you.

We want to give the best care possible. That’s why we are coming together as Ascension to offer a more diverse range of doctors and open up communications between caregivers across Michigan. By better connecting your care, we’re able to better care for you. 

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Based in Kalamazoo, we provide care for nearly 1 million people annually in cardiac, neurologic, orthopedic, vascular and bariatric services, among others. We are one of the region’s largest health systems and employers and have been serving as part of Ascension since 1999.

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Committed to providing care that treats the entire person—body, mind, and spirit—we've been a part of Ascension since 1999. We provide comprehensive prevention, primary care, and advanced treatment programs with more than 125 medical centers and seven hospital locations spanning four counties.

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As the leading healthcare provider in mid-Michigan, we've been improving our community's health for more than 95 years, and part of Ascension since 1999. As a group of affiliated medical campuses, outpatient centers, primary care locations including a network of 160 primary care physicians and ancillary healthcare organizations, we share a philosophy of providing personalized care to every person we serve.

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A part of Ascension since 2015, we offer a full continuum of clinical programs that are recognized for quality excellence. With a medical staff of nearly 500 physicians covering a wide range of medical specialties, we have the technology and expertise to provide patients with advanced medical care on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

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Located in northeast Michigan, we have been serving as part of Ascension since 1999 and providing medical care since 1953. We offer a professional care network of primary and specialty care physicians and serve as a referral center for tertiary care to more than 100,000 patients annually.

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Based in Saginaw, we're a regional health system offering high quality care in cardiovascular, neurosciences, orthopedics, emergency and trauma, cancer, bariatrics, imaging diagnostics, and primary care. A part of Ascension since 1999, we offer 268 beds and over 20 specialty centers to provide access and care for people from over 70 counties.

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The Transition
Better-connected care

By uniting under the Ascension name, the hospitals you know and trust are gaining access to even more resources to improve care. But don’t worry, the things you love about them aren’t going away.

What's staying the same: 

- Primary care doctors
- Specialists
- Hospital and clinic locations
- Our commitment to making our communities stronger, healthier and better

What's getting better:

- More diverse range of doctors and specialists
- More streamlined care
- Access to Ascension’s network of experts


“I’ll tell anyone that asks me. I wouldn't go anywhere else.”

A New Name and a Whole New Level of Care

Committed to open and honest communication, our associates use their nationwide connections to further patient care. With access to a collaboration of experts, innovators, best practices, and knowledge, they are called to provide compassionate, personalized care for all, especially those most in need.

Across Michigan and across the country, Ascension physicians engage patients and the rest of the care team in collaborative decision-making.

To learn more about how we are coming together to give healthcare a better name, please visit Ascension.org/WeAreAscension.