Veterans Choice Program
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Additional Veterans Choice Program resources for providers

Additional Provider Resources

VA Study Courses
VA developed the Veterans Health Initiative (VHI) independent study courses to increase VA providers’ knowledge of military service-related diseases and illnesses. Study courses can be accessed online:

Military Culture
It’s important that all who care for Veterans have a basic understanding of military culture. The VA has provided Military Culture Training for Community Providers. Download information here:

Medical Fact Sheet
Non-VA providers can obtain the Non-VA Medical Program Fact Sheet for Interested Providers online through VA at:

Veterans Choice Act
The statutes governing the Veterans Choice Program and the Veterans Choice Card benefit, the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 (also referred to as the “Choice Act” or “VACAA”) can be found online at:

Federal Health Benefit Administrators
Third Party Administrators (“TPAs”) for the VA and the Veterans Choice Card benefit are Health Net Federal Services, LLC (“Health Net”) and TriWest Healthcare Alliance (“TriWest”). Providers can access the entire library of provider handbooks, web seminars and participation requirements by contacting the TPAs:

Health Net (Veterans Choice Program):
Provider Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-979-9620

TriWest (Veterans Choice Program; Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care, VAPC3)
Provider Services Contracting: 1-866-284-3742

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