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Please use the resources on this page to correctly use and apply the Ascension brand throughout Ascension Wisconsin. It is important all associates follow our brand guidelines and standards to help create a consistent, clear and understandable brand identity for Ascension Wisconsin. A consistent brand helps to strengthen our Ascension identity for associates, caregivers, partners, patients and communities. The Ascension brand represents a unifying, compassionate and personalized experience. We want to convey a positive image of Ascension to those we serve.

If you have questions related to resources on this page or brand implementation standards in Wisconsin please reach out the Ascension Wisconsin marketing team for more information.

General Resources

  1. Associate to do’s (Updated 2.4.20)
  2. Brand standard FAQ’s (Updated 3.6.20)
  3. Brand Central
  4. Brand Central Training Tutorial Video (May 2019)
  5. Ascension name and logo meaning
  6. Wisconsin Naming Strategy (Updated 9.1.20)
  7. Ascension Wisconsin naming guidelines (Updated 9.1.20)
  8. Ascension Wisconsin facility name list (Updated 9.1.20)
  9. Ascension writing style guide
  10. Gmail email signature
  11. Answering the phone scripting examples (Updated 1.1.19)
  12. Facility and office postings guidebook (updated 12.3.19)
  13. Brand Guidelines (12.10.19)
  14. Unified brand strategy (Updated 10.28.19)

How to purchase brand approved items

  1. Ascension Print Center
  2. Lab coat ordering instructions (Updated 1.1.19)
  3. ID badge hang tag ordering instructions (Updated 3.21.19)
  4. Brand Central Training Video
  5. Stationery ordering instructions (order via Brand Central)
  6. Business card ordering instructions (order via Brand Central)
  7. Biocard and physician promotion ordering instructions (order via Brand Central)
  8. Provider promotion/marketing collateral process (Updated 2.26.20)
  9. Branded logo wear, promotion items, and other general branded merchandise (Updated 1.1.19)
  10. Volunteer Uniform Ordering Instructions
  11. Fleet Rebranding Instructions
  12. Fleet Rebranding Request Forms
  13. New Exterior/Interior Signage Ordering Instructions

Accessing Ascension Branded Templates in G Suite

  1. Using Ascension Templates in G Suite