New Features
  • New feature: Added "Language of text to be spoken" for the "Text-To-Speech" survey functionality, which is available on the Survey Settings page.This includes Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK and US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish (Castilian, Latin American, and North American).
  • New feature: Users may re-evaluate some or all Automated Survey Invitations for all records in a project. If an ASI has been modified after data has already been entered in the project, users may click the “Re-evaluate Auto Invitations” button in the Online Designer, which will re-evaluate selected ASIs for all records to ensure that invitations get properly sent or scheduled based on the new conditions of the ASI (otherwise they could only be triggered if each individual record had data modified).
  • New feature: Users may re-evaluate some or all Alerts & Notifications for all records in a project. If an alert has been modified after data has already been entered in the project, users may click the “Re-evaluate Alerts” button on the Alerts & Notifications page, which will re-evaluate selected alerts for all records to ensure that notifications get properly sent or scheduled based on the new conditions of the alert (otherwise they could only be triggered if each individual record had data modified). If a user modifies the conditional logic of an alert, it will recommend that they utilize the “Re-evaluate Alerts” functionality. If an alert has the “Ensure logic is still true…” option checked, then it is possible during this process that some already-scheduled notifications might get removed (and thus would no longer be scheduled) based on the new conditions.
  • Improvement: Large performance improvement when importing lots of records (via Data Import Tool, Mobile App, API, or REDCap::saveData) when record auto-numbering is enabled in a project and the import process is forcing the new records to be auto-numbered on the fly.
  • Security improvement: The concept of “public projects” have been removed and thus the My Projects page will no longer display the list of public projects at the bottom of the page. 
  • Improvement: When deleting an invitation from the Survey Invitation Log (either as a single invitation or using the multi-select option to delete many invitations at once), it now provides a new option in the dialog prompt to “Permanently cancel this invitation?”, in which the phrase “permanently cancel” implies that the invitation cannot be re-triggered/scheduled again in the future even if the ASI conditions are met again. If the user chooses to uncheck the option, then the scheduled invitation will be removed, but could possibly get re-triggered in the future if the ASI conditions are met again (assuming it was originally scheduled via an ASI).
  • Improvement: The Survey Invitation Log has a new filter drop-down option to view “only deleted invitations” (i.e., permanently cancelled invitations).
  • Improvement: Import Records API method has a new parameter “csvDelimiter” to specify the delimiter character when sending data in CSV format. Options include: comma ',' (default), 'tab', semi-colon ';', pipe '|', or caret '^'.
  • Improvement: Smart Variables and regular field variables can now be piped into the URL of Project Bookmarks. Note: While many Smart Variables can be piped successfully outside of a record context (e.g., [redcap-base-url]), all field variables (e.g., [age], [dob]) and some Smart Variables (e.g., [record-name], [previous-event-name]) can only be piped into the URL while the user is inside a record context, such as viewing the Record Home Page or data entry form.

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REDCap 10.2
  • New feature: Integration of Paul Litwin's Stealth Queue external module
    • New ”Keep the Survey Queue hidden from participants?” setting in the “Set up Survey Queue” dialog on the Online Designer
    • This setting will keep the Survey Queue table hidden from participants, and will force Auto Start to be enabled for all queue-activated surveys. This is useful if users wish to use the Survey Queue to automatically guide survey participants to the next survey without displaying the queue of surveys.
  • Improvement: Improvements to the Data Resolution Workflow feature

    When a user is opening a new data query and assigning the query to a user, there are new options to send a notification to the assigned user via email and/or REDCap Messenger to inform them about their query assignment.

    Attachment files that have been uploaded to an opened data query may now be deleted after the fact, if needed. Note: As a precaution, only REDCap administrators may delete such attachments.

    For existing data queries, users may now be assigned to an opened query after the fact, and if the data query already has a user assigned to it, it may be reassigned to another user.

  • Improvement: In previous versions, the DAG Switcher would not be very performant if there existed very many users and/or Data Access Groups within a project, thus the DAG Switcher would (by design) be automatically disabled for projects in those situations, which was not ideal with regard to user experience. The DAG Switcher is now no longer limited in that way and will now function fully regardless of there being many users and DAGs in a given project. 


  • Improvement: When importing a CSV file of data on the Data Import Tool or when importing a CSV Data Dictionary, users may now specify the delimiter of the CSV file as a Comma (default), Tab, or Semicolon.

REDCap 10.1

  • Improvement: In REDCap 10.0.2, a new feature was added to the Online Designer’s “Add/Edit Branching Logic” dialog to help users modify branching logic for many fields at once if they had the exact same branching logic. Now this has been improved further so that if users do not want to keep seeing this prompt when editing branching logic, a new checkbox in the dialog that says “Do not show this message again” can be checked, which will prevent the prompt from being displayed in that project for that user during the remainder of their REDCap session.
  • New feature: Granular administrator privileges - There now exist seven different categories of privileges that may be attributed to a REDCap administrator. If a user has at least one admin privilege, they are considered a REDCap administrator and thus will be able to access the Control Center; however, they will only be able to access the things to which they have been granted access. Note: Following the upgrade to v10.1.0, any users who were designated as REDCap administrators beforehand will now have all seven categories enabled. Thus they will not lose any privileges at all after the upgrade. Listed below are each of the admin privilege categories and an explanation of what they mean and where they apply.
  • New feature: Select and modify multiple fields together on the Online Designer - Users may select multiple fields on the Online Designer by holding the Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd key on their keyboard while clicking on the field in the table, which will reveal the options to Move, Copy, or Delete all the selected fields. To make users aware of this feature, a floating note now appears near the right side of the page in the Online Designer with instructions on how to use this.

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REDCap 10.0

New feature: Field Embedding

  • Field Embedding is the ultimate way to customize surveys and data collection instruments to make them look exactly how you want. Field Embedding is a Shazam-like feature that allows you to reposition field elements on a survey page or data entry form so that they get embedded in a new location on that same page.

Improvement: “My Projects Tweaks” External Module - Improvements for the My Projects page

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REDCap 9.9.0

New feature: DAG Switcher

  • Users assigned to Data Access Groups (DAGs) can optionally be assigned to multiple *potential* DAGs, in which they may be given the privilege of switching in and out of specific DAGs on their own whenever they wish. 

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REDCap 9.8.0

Project Life Cycle Changes

  • Change: The "Archived" project status has been removed and converted into a built-in Project Folder named "My Hidden Projects", as now seen at the bottom of each user’s My Projects page.
  • Change: The "Inactive" project status has been renamed to "Analysis/Cleanup" status to help reinforce that cleaning and analyzing the data is the next logical step after data collection in Production status.
  • New feature: Projects that are in "Analysis/Cleanup" status can now optionally have their project data set as "Locked/Read-only" or "Editable" (see the top of the Project Setup or Project Home page).
  • Change: New records can no longer be created while in "Analysis/Cleanup" status. If users wish to create records, the project must be moved back to Production status.
  • New feature: Mark a project as "Completed": If users are finished with a project and wish to make it completely inaccessible, they may mark the project as Completed.
  • New feature: Project Ownership - A REDCap module to aid in the collection and management of project ownership details.

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REDCap 9.7.0

The “Get short survey link” and “Create custom survey link” buttons on a project’s Public Survey Link page now utilize the REDCap-branded URL Shortener ( instead of BIT.LY and IS.GD, which are third-party websites utilized by previous versions.

  • Change/improvement: By popular demand, the "Send test email" link/feature has been re-added to all the following places where emails are composed: Email Users page in the Control Center, Automated Survey Invitations setup dialog, Compose Survey Invitations dialog for Participant List, Compose Survey Invitation dialog at the top right of data entry form, and the Confirmation Email setting on the Survey Settings page.
  • Major bug fix: Most non-project types of actions by users were mistakenly not being logged in REDCap due to a query that failed when inserting a new row into the redcap_log_event database table. All project-level logging was correctly being logged, but non-project activities (such as creating users, resetting passwords, etc.) were mistakenly not getting logged. Bug emerged in REDCap 9.6.0 Standard. (Ticket #77584)

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