REDCap Old News

REDCap Upgraded to v9.5

  • Improvement: More rich text editors - The rich text editor is now available when composing survey invitations. This includes composing Automated Survey Invitations or invitations to be sent via the Participant List or via the Survey Options on data entry forms.Improvement: The rich text editor is now available on the Email Users page in the Control Center and also for the Survey Confirmation Email option on the Survey Settings page.
  • Improvement: New Action Tag: @HIDDEN-PDF - Hides the field only in the downloaded PDF of one or more instruments (including blank PDFs, PDFs with data, and compact PDFs with data). Note: Other @HIDDEN action tags will not hide fields inside PDF exports, so @HIDDEN-PDF must be used specifically to hide fields in PDFs


REDCap Upgraded to v9.4

  • New feature: Missing Data Codes (i.e., “Data Missingness” functionality)
  • Improvement: Sender’s email address now gets set as the Display Name in the email received.

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REDCap Upgraded to v7.6

  • New Feature: New Action Tags

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REDCap Upgraded to v7.5
New feature: PDF download for survey respondents – On an instrument’s survey settings page, a user may enable the option “Allow participants to download a PDF of their responses at end of survey?”...
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REDCap Upgraded to v7.3
New feature: Time Limit for Survey Completion – Users may set the amount of time (in days, hours, and/or minutes) that each respondent has to complete a given survey based on when they were initially sent the survey invitation. Note: This feature excludes public survey links. When enabled, a new… 
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REDCap Upgraded to v7.2
New feature: Custom Record Status Dashboard: Users can build and save custom versions of the Record Status Dashboard to customize the dashboard to their liking. Custom dashboards have the following configuration options: A title and a description/instructions Which instruments to include or exclude in the dashboard’s display Similar to building reports in… 
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REDCap Upgraded to v7.1
New feature: Repeatable Instruments and Events: REDCap now allows you to enable a form to be collected repeatedly, without having to predetermine how many times you might need it. This has been referred to as “ad hoc forms” or “one to many relationships.” This will be an extremely useful feature…
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REDCap Upgraded to v6.17
New feature: Data Dictionary Snapshot: You can now click a button on the Online Designer to create a snapshot of instruments (i.e., CSV data dictionary) that gets stored on the Project Revision History page. Additionally, a data dictionary snapshot is also created automatically whenever a data dictionary is uploaded on the Data Dictionary… 
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REDCap Upgraded to v6.16
New feature: Enhanced radio buttons & checkboxes for surveys: Ordinary radio button fields and checkbox fields may now be transformed into more animated, modern-looking buttons on survey pages. These enhanced versions of radios and checkboxes are a good way to spice up your surveys with a more fresh, user-friendly interface. The…
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REDCap Upgraded to v6.14
New feature: New Action Tags: @USERNAME: Sets a field’s value to the username of the current REDCap user. If this is used on a survey, the value will be “[survey respondent]”. Once the value is captured, it will not be changed when visiting the page at a later time. @DEFAULT: Sets a…
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REDCap Upgraded to v6.12
New feature: Project Exporting – An entire REDCap project can now be exported as a single XML file. The file includes events, arms, instruments, fields, and project attributes – even Descriptive field attachments. If the project contains data, then the user can also optionally export the project data (including uploaded files)…
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REDCap Upgraded to v6.10
New feature: Project Folders Project Folders are a way for users to organize the projects on their My Projects page by putting them into groups. The folder can be given a name and can be color-coded (by setting a text color and background color) so that it displays boldly in… 
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REDCap Upgraded to version 6.9
New feature: API Playground – The API Playground is an interface that allows experimentation with the REDCap API without actually writing any code. Users can explore all the different API methods and their various options to customize a given API request. Users may even execute a real API request and…
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REDCap v6.7
New Features Demonstration We demonstrated some of the new features in REDCap version 6.7. View the presentation in a PowerPoint file. Watch recorded presentation in video format. Topics: (Time topic starts in video) Mobile App: (5:15) SMS/Phone Capabilities: (18:30) Embedded Video/Audio: (30:35) Auto-complete in dropdowns: (40:00) Action Tags: (45:10)…
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