REDCap upgraded to v10.0

June 22, 2020 - Changes occurring in REDCap v10.0

REDCap v10.0

New feature: Field Embedding

  • Field Embedding is the ultimate way to customize surveys and data collection instruments to make them look exactly how you want. Field Embedding is a Shazam-like feature that allows you to reposition field elements on a survey page or data entry form so that they get embedded in a new location on that same page. Embedding fields gives users greater control over the look and feel of your instrument. Users may place fields in a grid/table for a more compact user-friendly page, or they can position fields close together in a group if they are related.
  • To use Field Embedding, users simply need to place the REDCap variable name of a field inside braces/curly brackets - e.g., {date_of_birth} - and place it in the Field Label, Field Note, Section Header, or Choice Label of any other field on that same instrument. Field embedding will not work across instruments but only on the current instrument/survey being viewed. If on a multi-page survey, then the embedded field must be on the same survey page as its host field.
  • No action tags or custom HTML is required to use Field Embedding. Users can simply use the rich text editor in the Online Designer to design their layout and then place the field variables inside that layout. The layout does not have to be a table/grid (although tables are common for this), and fields can be embedded inside *any* field type (not just Descriptive fields).

Improvement: “My Projects Tweaks” External Module - Improvements for the My Projects page

  • Adds project PIDs (for REDCap Admins only): Adds a new PID column (in between Project Title and Records). The PIDs are links that lead to the Edit Project's Settings page.
  • Link to Online Designer: Adds links to the Online Designer page of projects in the Fields column.
  • Link to Record Status Dashboard: Adds links to the Record Status Dashboard in the Records column.
  • Collapse All: Adds a Collapse All button next to the Organize button that collapses all project folders.
  • Organize Projects filtering: Adds a filter in the Organize Projects pop-up.

Improvement: When editing a field’s branching logic in the Online Designer’s “Add/Edit Branching Logic” dialog, when saving the branching logic for a given field, it will now check if any other fields in the project have identical branching logic and will prompt the user to ask them if they want to change the branching logic accordingly for all fields having the same branching logic.