REDCap upgraded to v10.1

July 27, 2020 - Changes occurring in REDCap v10.1

REDCap v10.1.5

  • Improvement: In REDCap 10.0.2, a new feature was added to the Online Designer’s “Add/Edit Branching Logic” dialog to help users modify branching logic for many fields at once if they had the exact same branching logic. Now this has been improved further so that if users do not want to keep seeing this prompt when editing branching logic, a new checkbox in the dialog that says “Do not show this message again” can be checked, which will prevent the prompt from being displayed in that project for that user during the remainder of their REDCap session.
  • New feature: Granular administrator privileges - There now exist seven different categories of privileges that may be attributed to a REDCap administrator. If a user has at least one admin privilege, they are considered a REDCap administrator and thus will be able to access the Control Center; however, they will only be able to access the things to which they have been granted access. Note: Following the upgrade to v10.1.0, any users who were designated as REDCap administrators beforehand will now have all seven categories enabled. Thus they will not lose any privileges at all after the upgrade. Listed below are each of the admin privilege categories and an explanation of what they mean and where they apply.
  • Select and modify multiple fields together on the Online Designer - Users may select multiple fields on the Online Designer by holding the Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd key on their keyboard while clicking on the field in the table, which will reveal the options to Move, Copy, or Delete all the selected fields. To make users aware of this feature, a floating note now appears near the right side of the page in the Online Designer with instructions on how to use this.