REDCap upgraded to v10.2

August 31, 2020 - Changes occurring in REDCap v10.2

REDCap v10.2.3
New feature: Integration of Paul Litwin's Stealth Queue external module
  • New ”Keep the Survey Queue hidden from participants?” setting in the “Set up Survey Queue” dialog on the Online Designer
  • This setting will keep the Survey Queue table hidden from participants, and will force Auto Start to be enabled for all queue-activated surveys. This is useful if users wish to use the Survey Queue to automatically guide survey participants to the next survey without displaying the queue of surveys.
Improvements to the Data Resolution Workflow feature
  • When a user is opening a new data query and assigning the query to a user, there are new options to send a notification to the assigned user via email and/or REDCap Messenger to inform them about their query assignment.
  • Attachment files that have been uploaded to an opened data query may now be deleted after the fact, if needed. Note: As a precaution, only REDCap administrators may delete such attachments.
  • For existing data queries, users may now be assigned to an opened query after the fact, and if the data query already has a user assigned to it, it may be reassigned to another user.
Improvement: In previous versions, the DAG Switcher would not be very performant if there existed very many users and/or Data Access Groups within a project, thus the DAG Switcher would (by design) be automatically disabled for projects in those situations, which was not ideal with regard to user experience. The DAG Switcher is now no longer limited in that way and will now function fully regardless of there being many users and DAGs in a given project. 
Improvement: When importing a CSV file of data on the Data Import Tool or when importing a CSV Data Dictionary, users may now specify the delimiter of the CSV file as a Comma (default), Tab, or Semicolon.