REDCap upgraded to v9.8.0

April 13, 2020 - Changes occurring in REDCap v9.8.0

REDCap v9.8.0

Project life cycle changes

  • Change: The "Archived" project status has been removed and converted into a built-in Project Folder named "My Hidden Projects", as now seen at the bottom of each user’s My Projects page. If users wish to hide any projects from their My Projects list, they may click the Organize button on that page and place the projects into that new Project Folder. NOTE: Any already-archived projects will be automatically placed there and will have their project status set as "Analysis/Cleanup" to match the projects’ general behavior prior to the upgrade.
  • Change: The "Inactive" project status has been renamed to "Analysis/Cleanup" status to help reinforce that cleaning and analyzing the data is the next logical step after data collection in Production status.
  • New feature: Projects that are in "Analysis/Cleanup" status can now optionally have their project data set as "Locked/Read-only" or "Editable" (see the top of the Project Setup or Project Home page). This will give users more control to prevent data collection from happening while in this project status.
  • Change: New records can no longer be created while in "Analysis/Cleanup" status. If users wish to create records, the project must be moved back to Production status.
  • New feature: Mark a project as "Completed": If users are finished with a project and wish to make it completely inaccessible, they may mark the project as Completed. Doing so will take it offline and remove it from everyone's project list, after which it can only be seen again by clicking the Show Completed Projects link at the bottom of the My Projects page. Once marked as Completed, no one in the project (except for REDCap administrators) can access the project, and only administrators may undo the Completion and return it back to an accessible state for all project users. Marking a project as Completed is typically only done when users are sure that no one needs to access the project anymore, and they want to ensure that the project and its data remain intact for a certain amount of time.

Below are the visuals of the project life cycle found under the “Other Functionality” tab.

Project Ownership External Module

A REDCap module to aid in the collection and management of project ownership details. This module collects project ownership data at project creation, requires PI contact details on research projects, and provides interfaces to search, display and edit ownership details.

The project ownership details are collected on the project creation page. Three fields are required: first name, last name and email. Alternatively, the user can set a REDCap username, so the required information is pulled from that user account.

Ownership auto assign

Users may click on the "I am the owner" link to auto-assign the ownership.

Autocomplete from PI information

If the purpose of the project is "Research", the ownership fields are auto-completed as the PI information is filled out.

Autocomplete PI information

The PI information can also be automatically filled in when the "I am the owner" link to auto-assign the ownership is clicked.

Checking and updating project ownership

The same field set from the project creation page may be seen at project settings modal - where users are able to check and update ownership information.

Projects ownership list

A list of project ownership is accessible to users at My Projects page.