REDCap upgraded to v9.9.0

May 11, 2020 - Changes occurring in REDCap v9.9.0

REDCap v9.9.0

New feature: DAG Switcher

  • Users assigned to Data Access Groups (DAGs) can optionally be assigned to multiple *potential* DAGs, in which they may be given the privilege of switching in and out of specific DAGs on their own whenever they wish. 
  • When assigned to multiple DAGs, the user will see a blue banner at the top of every project page, which will present them with the option to switch to another DAG. NOTE: Users may not move themselves into another DAG unless someone with rights to this page has explicitly granted them privileges to be in multiple DAGs.
  • To assign a user to multiple DAGs, navigate to the Data Access Groups page in a project where you will see the DAG Switcher near the bottom of the page. Then follow the directions provided there. The DAG Switcher feature is completely optional and can be used in any project that has Data Access Groups.
  • NOTE: The DAG Switcher feature does not override a user's current DAG assignment, as set on the Data Access Groups page or on the User Rights page.
  • This feature is the result of integrating the “DAG Switcher” external module that was built by Luke Stevens. We thank him for his contribution and for agreeing to let us integrate this useful module into REDCap. NOTE: Because the “DAG Switcher” external module is not compatible with this integrated functionality in v9.9.0, when upgrading REDCap to 9.9.0 or higher, if the “DAG Switcher” external module is already installed and enabled on your REDCap system, it will be automatically disabled at the system level during the upgrade process to prevent a conflict.