Tip of the Month

September 2020 - Creating Report Folders and Assigning Reports to Folders

Managing multiple reports within a project can get confusing, right? Not if you utilize the organization feature built into REDCap. You can quickly create folders for easy navigation between reports. 

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August 2020 - Survey Termination Options & Confirmation Emails

Have you ever wished REDCap could automatically send a confirmation email whenever a respondent completed your survey? You can also better guide the user experience for survey participants by customizing the survey termination options. These options can be found in “survey settings” in the online designer and include the following features.

  • Survey Completion Text

  • Redirect to URL

  • Auto-Continue to Next Survey

The use of a confirmation email is a great way to thank the respondent. It is also a useful way to send respondents a copy of any pertinent information related to the survey they just completed.

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July 2020 - Action Tags

Have you ever needed to auto-populate data in a field by default? What about limiting the amount of characters entered? With action tags you can accomplish all of this along with hiding fields, hiding choices from a drop-down, limiting the amount of words entered along with many more options. Click here to see a full list and description of available action tags as of July 2020. Check back often as more are added with some version upgrades. 


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June 2020 - Longitudinal Projects

Certain research studies (although not limited to research studies) seek to capture the same data over time in order to track change and progress. Longitudinal projects in REDCap enable smooth, timely data collection and minimizes the set-up burden of repeated instruments.

Applying longitudinal mode allows any form or survey to be reused at multiple times. This eliminates the need to recreate the same form for individual time points. Instead, the form is created once and then assigned to various time points throughout the project as desired.

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May 2020 - Calculations

Basic Calculations

REDCap has the ability to make real-time calculations on data entry forms. It is recommended that 'calc' field types are not excessively utilized on REDCap data collection instruments and that they instead be used when it is necessary to know the calculated value while on that page or the following pages or when the result of the calculation affects data entry workflow.Some examples of common calculations available include: 

+ Add
- Subtract
* Multiply
/ Divide
Please visit the "Calculations" section of the Help & FAQ for detailed instructions on using basic calculations. 

Using advanced functions for calculations in REDCap

Using advanced functions in calculations can be tricky to do for any REDCap user. Samantha Walkow at BC Children's Hospital created a tool to guide REDCap users through this process of using some of the more popular functions. The Ascension REDcap team has adapted this project and made the Build My Calculation Tool widely available for our community.
REDCap often provides opportunities for institutional collaboration and shared tool development. This tool provides detailed explanations for the common quantitative functions that can be created within REDCap and actually facilitates a custom built calculation for your specific project.

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