Quick Start Guide


  • Across Ascension, we have thousands of individual REDCap projects that have been created by users like you! In order to provide the most efficient support for our users, here are some tips:
    • Always use your REDCap Administrator's email (e.g. redcap@yourdomain.org) when sending an email. Admins will respond within one business day.
    • If you are logging into REDCap, Use the “Contact REDCap Administrators” button. This is located in the bottom left corner of EVERY REDCap project. This button automatically lets us know which project you are working in so we don’t have to guess.

      Contact REDCap Admin
  • No REDCap login? No problem!
    • Just send us the URL (aka web address) of the survey you are inquiring about.
    • All surveys or audits taken in REDCap have an associated REDCap project. The REDCap project is where the project owner customizes the questions to be answered, the look and feel of the survey, as well as provides access to other users who may need to log into REDCap to run reports, edit survey options, download survey PDFs, etc.

      RedCAP tutorial screenshot

REDCap Basic User Guide


  • Go to https://redcap.ascension.org/ and click on your Ministry's REDCap link to register as a user.
  • Login with your Ascension network username and password.
  • Remember, this is the same username you would use to log into MyAscension Portal or your Ascension laptop.

Gain Access to an EXISTING project

  • Contact the project creator (not your Domain REDCap Administrators)
  • Give the project creator your Ascension network username and ask them to add it to the User Rights section of their project.
  • NOTE: Unfortunately, for security purposes, Domain REDCap Administrators do not grant access to projects or change privileges within a project. If you need additional privileges in a specific project, please contact any user within that project who has access to the “User Rights” module and request a change in permissions.


  • Complete the REDCap New User Training. The link to the training should be available on your REDCap Home Page.
  • After you’ve completed the training, you will receive a confirmation email. REDCap Admins will enable your ability to create projects within 1 business day.

ADDING USERS to your project

  • For security purposes, REDCap Administrators do not add users to your projects. To allow other users to access your projects
  • Click on User Rights. (left menu under Applications)
  • Add them by entering their ASCENSION NETWORK USERNAME. (not their email address)
  • If the user you are adding has logged into REDCap before, their name will appear in a dropdown menu. Users who have never logged into REDCap will not appear in the dropdown menu. You will need to add their username manually (instead of using the dropdown menu).
  • Choose appropriate privileges.
  • See the FAQ tab under User Rights section for more information.