Nick Ragone

Ascension is leveraging its brand strengths, employing data-driven strategies System-wide and forging stronger connections with consumers, according to Nick Ragone, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. Nick recently shared insights on Ascension’s marketing vision with eHealthcare Strategy and Trends.

Nick noted that changes in financing and reimbursement, as well as the rise of consumerism, are impacting healthcare.

“In the hospital space and in the provider space, we’re learning that experience is really important, both in the way we deliver care and outside of the care setting,” Nick said. “For us, that means transforming our marketing function to be much more analytical, data-driven and digital. We are migrating away from traditional media and doing more targeted, focused and measurable media.”

Recent marketing and communications efforts have been promoting Ascension’s focus on providing compassionate, personalized care, especially as Ascension continues to integrate sites of care and operations.

“It became obvious that we needed to think about how that One Ascension journey should manifest itself externally in the marketplace,” Nick said. “We decided as an organization that we really needed to have a strong, identifiable Ascension brand that connected all of our sites of care together.”

The recent launch of a national campaign around primary care is an example of how Ascension’s marketing and communications associates work together as a team, regardless of location, he said.

We just launched the campaign and the early returns have been very positive,” Nick said. “It’s consistent with how our patients think about us, that we really understand their total needs, and care for their body, mind, and spirit.”

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