We Are Ascension

Coming Together in Wisconsin to Give Healthcare a Better Name

Compassionate. Personalized. Here for you.

We want to give the best care possible. That’s why we are coming together as Ascension to offer a more diverse range of doctors and open up communications between caregivers across Wisconsin. By better connecting your care, we’re able to better care for you. 

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As a part of Ascension since 1999, our mission is to make a positive difference in the health and lives of our community with special concern for those who are vulnerable. Based in Milwaukee, we're committed to providing high-quality, accessible, values-driven programs and services with equal attention to the physical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of health.


One of the largest providers of care in Southeast Wisconsin, we joined Ascension in 2016, though we’ve been combining new technologies and innovative treatments with a compassionate, healing environment for more than a century. Our Mission, Vision and Values guide everything we do, and emphasize the respect and dignity of our patients, associates, and the communities we serve.


Honored to have served Northeast Wisconsin for more than 125 years as Affinity Health System, Fox Valley area doctors, hospitals and clinics are now coming together under the Ascension name. Rest assured, everything you like about your relationship with your doctor will stay the same. In fact, we already have been part of Ascension’s national network of care for more than four years, giving your provider access to experts and resources across the country which can then be adapted to your situation.


Serving central and northern Wisconsin for more than 125 years, Ministry Health Care has been caring for the community as part of Ascension since 2013. Hospitals, doctors and clinics are now coming together under the Ascension name. While the signs on the doors are changing, your relationship with your doctor and our Mission to care for all, especially those most in need, remains steadfast.

The Transition
Better-connected care

By uniting under the Ascension name, the hospitals you know and trust are gaining access to even more resources to improve care. But don’t worry, the things you love about them aren’t going away.

What's staying the same: 

- Primary care doctors
- Specialists
- Hospital and clinic locations
- Our commitment to making our communities stronger, healthier and better

What's getting better:

- More diverse range of doctors and specialists
- More streamlined care
- Access to Ascension’s network of experts


“I truly believe that everyone has a true calling somewhere in their life.”

A New Name and a Whole New Level of Care

Committed to open and honest communication, our associates use their nationwide connections to further patient care. With access to a collaboration of experts, innovators, best practices, and knowledge, they are called to provide compassionate, personalized care for all, especially those most in need.

Across Wisconsin and across the country, Ascension physicians engage patients and the rest of the care team in collaborative decision-making.

To learn more about how we are coming together to give healthcare a better name, please visit Ascension.org/WeAreAscension.