The resident will train extensively in the foundational aspects of contemporary, corporate health-system administration so that she or he may emerge an elite and highly competitive candidate for a post-resident leadership position in the profession. Areas include: clinical and operational pharmacy administration, system-wide budgeting, formulary considerations and cost-efficacy dynamics, system-wide implementation of guidelines and directives, informatics, and executive leadership. This residency necessarily entails tapping into an extensive group of connections, affording the opportunity not only to freely exchange ideas and best practices for the benefit of Ascension during the residency, but also to network with a range of contacts in a manner that may benefit the resident's post-training career pursuits. At Ascension The Resource Group, the resident will join a team of skilled pharmacy professionals charged with creating clinical initiatives that embody and maximize the qualities of efficacy, safety and cost-effective care.

At the system level:

  • Develop effective organizational, integrative and evaluation skills
At the national level:
  • Develop competence in managerial, financial and organizational components of health-system pharmacy
At the professional level: 
  • Design, implement and demonstrate ability to manage a safe and effective medication-use system at an enterprise level
  • Demonstrate leadership by developing working relationships with healthcare providers and other professionals on multidisciplinary teams and committees 
  • Guide others through use of effective communication, mentorship, action and transformational leadership
  • Procure the personal leadership qualities and business acumen essential to operate effectively within the health system and clinical technology solutions setting