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Through Ascension's MissionPoint Health Partners and U.S. Health Holdings, Ascension Care Management helps meet the health and wellness needs of communities and other large populations.

What we do

Ascension Care Management helps the Ministry meet the healthcare needs of large populations. MissionPoint Health Partners, part of Ascension Care Management, works with our member employers and insurers to develop innovative models for providing person-centered care, seeking to: 

  • Improve the health status of our communities
  • Lower care costs
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Improve physician satisfaction

Services we provide in coordination with MissionPoint range from onsite and wellness support to designing and contracting with provider networks, and deploying health partners to call on patients in the hospital and their homes. Through MissionPoint, we also offer care management and complex case management solutions. Learn more about MissionPoint.

Ascension Care Management also includes U.S. Health Holdings, an insurance company designed to help us better care for the health needs of populations throughout the entire life cycle.

Paul Posey
Paul J. Posey Jr.
President, Ascension Risk Services and Chief Executive Officer, Ascension Care Management

Paul Posey Jr. leads Ascension Care Management, overseeing the efforts of MissionPoint Health Partners as well as U.S. Health Holdings. He also serves as President of Ascension Risk Services.

Ascension Care Management
101 South Hanley Road
St. Louis, MO 63105

MissionPoint Health Partners
523 Mainstream Drive
Nashville, TN 37228
Jason Dinger
Jason Dinger
Chief Operating Officer, Ascension Care Management; Chief Executive Officer, MissionPoint Health Partners

Jason Dinger serves as Chief Operating Officer for Ascension Care Management. He also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Care Management's MissionPoint Health Partners.